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Dr. S.B. Sharma

M.D. (Kayachikitsa), Dip (Yoga/ Panchkarma)


We dedicate our struggles, our success, our name, our fame to our mentor, our God Father Dr. Swadesh Bhushan.
Belonging to a family of Ayurvedic physicians, Shri S.B. Sharma sir has 40+ years of experience in the prognosis and curing of chronic ailments. He has been working with the motto of service to humankind. He has pioneered the skills of treatment of chronic liver disorders, autoimmune disorders, cervical disorders, arthritis, joints pain, gastro-intestinal diseases & mental disorders with overall health maintenance. Expert of Karnavedana which is unique Ayurvedic procedure to cure the chronic asthma. He has served as Senior Medical Officer in Rishikul State Ayurvedic College, Haridwar and State Ayurvedic Hospital - Ghaziabad and as DO Bulandsahar.



Dr. Anju Singh

A graduate in field of Ayurved and with an experience of more than 20 years to her name, Dr. Anju has been a shinning star by regularly organising lectures, workshops and seminars for corportes, help profferional, Consultant doctors and others. Her expertise lies in her vast knowledge and extreme dedication to Ayurved where her passion and ambition mingles. Eternitive herbals is fortunate to have her on board as their guiding consultant and trailblazer.



Dr. Vikas Kumar Kuntail

He is a full time Ayurveda graduate having bachelor’s degree of Ayurvedic Medicines and surgery from Rishikul State Ayurveda College, Haridwar and masters in Alternative Medicines. He has been practicing Ayurveda for almost 20 years and his expertise lies in product manufacturing, research and development of new products, consultation program, both offline and online.


Dr Vikas has devoted his complete life to practice, promote and propagate Ayurveda in India and abroad. He has travelled extensively to a lot of countries including Holland, Norway, Sweden, Azerbaijan, Denmark, France and other European countries for consultations, lectures & organizing courses for Ayurveda.



Sukriti Singh

Sukriti Singh heads the marketing area..Young mind with wings of steel, She knows how to take Eternitive forwards Her expectise lies in public dealing and every satisfied client counts is her mantra. Extremely ambitious, She aims to bring Eternitive Herbals on map of every country on the globe.



Neel Verma

A commerce graduate from Delhi University, Mr. Neel Verma has excelled graphic and website designing. With 10 years of designing experience,his expertise lies in taking an organisation to great heights through his wonderful skills in digital marketing .


As an imp team member of Eternitive Herbals, Mr. Neel Verma is an asset to the company .